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Let Cross Graphics take on the job for you, allowing you to concentrate on other important day to day matters. We are here to take on the task locating a buyer for your surplus equipment. Our website is very well received and we have hundreds of hits on a weekly basis from professionals searching for something that meets their requirement. With our worldwide coverage andnetwork of agents, we can advertise your equipment to the largest audience possible.

If we can offer your equipment on an exclusive basis, we provide a bespoke sales service in that we will prepare all literature, web advertising, professional pictures and video's and then negotiate and sell on your behalf (with your guidance of course).

We will also assist you with a legal framework to formulate the sale agreement, plus ensure that payment is received in full prior to commencement of removal. We can also ensure that your equipment is removed from your premises in a safe and timely fashion. Our knowledge worldwide markets give a a greater understanding of how sales and negotiations are structured in different areas of the world. Simply fill in the form provided below:-

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