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Wednesday 6th Dec 2023


CGL Ref. 4335

The cut-off size is 503 mm
 and this year 2002/3 press has been built especially for printing books and leaflets.

For printing on paper from 28 gsm up to 90 gsm

 A space has been allowed to receive an IR dryer but for 1 web only. 

The press has 2 webs. With each web are max 48 pages possible by the help 
of angle bars slitting the web in proportion 1/3  : 2/3

The folder is fitted with: half, quarter and double parallel folds. 

The press is fitted with longitudinal and cross-fold-perforation, this being 
adjustable in running mode. Furthermore the press is fitted with fold 
softener in the longitudinal direction, however in this case, the perforation is not 
acceptable for thread stitching or sewing.

The press is fitted with Autotron type A2400 automatic register control manufactured
By Press-Tech, UK. This controls motorized register adjustments.

The press started production in 2003 and worked until the owner’s
insolvency in 2010. Since this time the press has been out of 
production. A hour counter is not in the press, but it is possible to 
investigate in each motor control the running hours. 

The press was running normally in two shifts, this approximates to 28,000 (twenty eight thousand) hours over seven years of operation.

The press is fitted with Oxy-Dry automatic blanket washers, (with brushes).

The current height of the press is 4.7 metres.

Attached is a side elevation diagram for the press, along with several small photographs showing various parts of this press.

The manufacturer can be engaged to provide technical support should it be needed.

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