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Thursday 13th Dec 2018

Babcock Wanson Three Chamber RTO Afterburner

CGL Ref. 4003

Babcock Wanson Afterburner

Type of oxidizer  three chamber RTO
Year of manufacture 2001
Manufacturer  Babcock Wanson
Design air volume  10,000 Nm³/hr
Serves two web offset printing presses
Exhaust stack included 10.5m high
Internal heat exchanger efficiency is approximately 95%
Process fan included on upstream side of RTO
Electrical cabinet included (assuming inside location)
Spare parts available with RTO at no additional cost
Design clean up efficiency 20mg/m³ for VOC, 100mg/m³ for CO and NOx
Inlet temperature (assumed) 165o c
Inlet solvent concentration (assumed) 2-2.5g/m³
2010 Emissions monitoring report available on request

Availability is approximately 10 days from order

Removal and installation services available

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