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Tuesday 31st Mar 2020


CGL Ref. 4285

Harris M300 - 630mm cut-off – 8 printing units  – 2 webs – 2x16 pages in line

Year 1990

Plate cylinder circumference                                                        630 mm

Max. web size                                                                            965 mm

Max. speed                                                                                35.000 c/h

Web direction seen from quality console                                       left-right



-      Press with mechanical shaft driven by two Siemens DC motors in Master –slave configuration. All driven press parts are connected by electrical clutches. 

-      Web splicer Butler 4050-12DM with weighting station. Max reel diameter: 1270 mm. Max web size 1070 mm.

-      Printing units blanket/blanket. Plate and blanket cylinder with nickel surface run with contact rings large 35 mm. Max. printing length: 625 mm (5 mm without print). Pressure on/off  done by pneumatic cylinders.

-      Circumferential register (+/- 3 mm), side register (+/- 3 mm), diagonal register (+/- 0,3 mm) motorized and controlled from quality pult 

-      Inking unit with 13 rollers in the lower unit and 14 un the upper unit.

-      Dampening unit alcol based Harris Duotrol

-      Thermoregulation of oscillating rollers in the inking units

-      Web tension adjustment Harris, electronically controlled. 

-      Folder model 4D for 2 webs with possibility to produce tabloid, double parallel, delta and A4 format.

-       Folder 4DS for A4 format

-      2 dryers placed upon TEC EUROTEC 70/70-2-980, natural gas fed.

-       TECTURN system for web deviation

-      2 Baldwin system for  dampening water production and circulation

-       OXY DRY blanket washer

-       2 silicone units  RYCO Series 12000 recto/verso

-      2 chilling units HARRIS with 4 cylinders.

-       Color register control  Grafikontrol CR6

-       Cut register control Grafikontrol CR8

-      2 Planatol Opimatic systems 2000 for fold softner and web gluing.

-       Plate bender  Carlson

-       Plate punching unit

-       Plate scanner Densi II

-      Automatic ink filling systems  Technotrans with Calku-ink and Calcu-Stop

-       4 web aligner E&L DR5021

-      Additional angle bar to run the B half web in the press center

-      Fan-out adjustment with 3 air blows in each unit,  for printing units 2, 3, 4 and 6, 7, 8 controlled from quality console

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Harris M300 - 630mm cut-off – 8 printing units  – 2 webs – 2x16 pages in line Year....