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Monday 25th Jun 2018

Heidelberg Harris - M1000 B

CGL Ref. 4004

4 Colour Harris M1000 B blanket-to-blanket web offset press manufactured in 1995        

The details of the press are as follows:

"    Plate cylinder circumference 620mm
"    Cut-off length 620mm
"    Blanket circumference 1240 mm
"    Max web width 965mm
"    Max production speed with TCF-70S Folder up to 60,000 rph
"    Maximum web speed 620 m/min

1 MEG, 2-arm autopaster Type DLC suitable for reel diameter of 1270mm and maximum web width of 1020mm (core diameter

1 Harris infeed complete with programmable web-tension control with digital readout of web tension displayed at press desk

1 Erhard und Leimer centre-line web guiding system with two scanning heads integrated into the infeed system

4 Harris blanket-to-blanket web offset printing units with motorised length and sidelay register mechanisms and manual adjustment of the diagonal mechanisms, Harris Duotrol dampening, ink-key settings controlled from main control desk.

Bustle wheel control for 4 double printing units

Drive shaft section for location under the dryer

1 single-pass MEG hot air dryer type MEGAIR 105 10.5 metres long  for a web width of 1020mm suitable for 4/4 colours with 360% ink coverage and 100% area coverage at a web speed of 10.5m/sec and paper weight of appx 30  120 gsm. Dryer is equipped with an optical pyrometer to control web temperature

Chillroll stand equipped with 6 chromed, double-skinned chillrollers each with a diameter of 406mm. The chillroll is driven precisely via a remotely-controlled harmonic drive and is equipped with a Chill-Tack device and an outfeed nip roller mounted on the final chillroll in the chilling sequence.

1 Erhard und Leimer centre-line web guide with 2 scanning heads to provide lateral control of the web into the folder

1 Ryco silicone applicator type 12038 to serve both sides of the web

1 Baldwin web-break system suitable for a single web comprising:
"    Scanning head, ultra sound, in infeed unit
"    One scanning head after each printing unit
"    One scanning head after the chillroll stand  

One Web severer located at the infeed unit and one after the last printing unit before the dryer.

1 Harris TCF high-performance folder suitable for two webs and equipped with double- chopper fold unit. It offers the following:

"    Tabloid and quarter fold
"    Pre-fold on the first fold
"    2 web re-moisturisers
"    Patented Harris vacuum plate for the quarter fold
"    Adjustment of the length perforation on the run
"    Motorised adjustment of the folder settings on the running machine including the double parallel fold
"    Scheffer turner bar assemblies for 2 x 8 DIN A4 pages and 16 Din A4 pages

1 Siemens main drive motor 212 Kw  complete with electronics cubicle

1 Harris quality control desk PCQ with Computcolor remote control of the individual ink-zone keys, print inspection desk, with colour monitor and graphical representation of settings, errors and set values for the individual press settings.  

1 QuadTech automatic cut-off register control for two webs into the folder

1 Continental-Industries supply fan Type 30.3 with 1150 NM³/Hr motor to provide low  air pressure supply to the folder former and turner bars

1 QuadTech RGS IV automatic length and sidelay colour register control

1 Planatol gluing and re-moisturising unit Optimatic Kombijet ECO incl. control unit and tank

Plate bender and punch Burgess

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