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Friday 20th Apr 2018

MAN - Polyman

CGL Ref. 2834

MAN-Roland Polyman 32pp 8 printing units built Oct 1991 (installed 1992)
Serial No 27216
Cut off 630mm
Web width 965mm
Speed 45,000/hr

2 x Butler ME40C splicers
2 x infeed units with E & L web guides
8 printing units
Technotrans Gamma D dampening system with auto Varn dosing unit
Web catcher
2 x Vits OT11 7m dryers serial No 0484
Twin control desks with Rutherford ink key pre-set system
2 x Man Roland 4-roll chillroll units
2 x silicone applicators
2 x turner bar assemblies + slitting units
Dynatech DY2008 6 channel glue system
Quadtec RGS1V register system
2 x Quadtec cut off controls
Folder Tabloid, Quarterfold, Delta fold, Double parallel

Products -
A4 8pp,12pp,16pp,20pp,24pp,28pp and 32pp (folded or spine glued)
A4 landscape (2up) 8pp,12pp,16pp (1up)16pp,24pp and 32pp
A3 8pp,12pp,16pp
A5(2up)8pp,16pp,24pp and 32pp
Delta fold 12pp,24pp,36pp and 48pp (folded or spine glued)

Upgrades and recent  service details:

The machine has recently had the following work carried out.
Man Roland - New main motor brake disc & brushes / full folder service
Technotrans full service + new filtration system installed

Butler reelstand full service
New Dynatec 6 channel glue system Feb 2007
New Rutherford pre-set system 2007  (reduces make ready waste by pre-setting ink ducts to new job profile)
Vits dryer service

 Additional equipment available to complement the operation of the press:

its QRO roto cut sheeter (1993)
55,000/hr full upgrade by Vits March 2007  to Roto cut spec speeds.
Vits 'S' wrap + edge trimming / slitting unit 2007

Rima trimming / delivery system (bought at Drupa 2000)  comprising -
Jogger / reject gate with delivery conveyor.
Infeed jogger crush roller
2 x Rota Schneider RS-2VS 541 (100,000/hr)
2 x Automatic bump turn 90 degree turn units
Conveyors to either -
Rima RS3110 SL compensating counter stacker with laser count and reject gate
Rima RS100 static blocking unit to -
Rima collect station and robotic bundle palletiser
Civiemme ST320 fully automatic log stacker with auto end board feeding
Delivery to Rima robotic palletiser with auto pallet dispenser and eject.
This system was fully serviced November 2007

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MAN - Polyman

MAN - Polyman


MAN-Roland Polyman 32pp 8 printing units built Oct 1991 (installed 1992)Serial No 27216Cut off 630mmWeb w....