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Monday 29th May 2023

Rotoman N

CGL Ref. 4307

Year 1997 

Cut off 630 mm

Max. web width 965 mm. Max. speed 60.000 c/h (50.000 c/h with chopper in use)

Web direction seen from quality console -  left-right

Press with printing units driven by mechanical shaft and a single dc motor. Five more dc motors to drive folder/sheeter, folder superstructure, former, chill rollers, chopper 

 -       N.1 fly imprinter unit with the following print possibility: 1/1, 1/0, 0/1 and 2/0

-       N.4 printing units 

-       Blanket/blanket printing units inching unit thermo regulation and alcohol based dampening 

-       Contiweb SH 50 BO splicer with webdata system to store and print paper consumption for job/shift/day

-       Infeed MRA

-       N.2 severing device Grafotec

-       N.1 MRA catch roller unit

-       N.1 Jetweb WA70 for water based varnish, selective glue and scratch off varnish with cliché

-       Vits OTL 567 Dryer

-       Chill unit with 5 cylinders and 3 different temperature settings. MRA cloth cleaning device in the 2nd cylinder

-       Folder superstructure with recto/verso turnabout possibility, longitudinal web cut, overlap with angle bars, cut register control for each web 

-       MRA folder 2:3:3 for the following production possibility; A4, double parallel, delta, tabloid. The folder has one chopper and separate delivery for  production with chopper or without chopper

-       Vits Rotocut S QRO 578 sheeter with optional device for the web longitudinal cut to create two separate piles

-       Webbing chain from splicer to folder superstructure

-       Color register control Grafikontro CR10

-       Cut register control Grafikontrol CR8

-       N.2 web aligner E&L DR 5121

-       Planatol Combijet 7Com glueing/fold softner device with 4 nozzles

-       BVS/Technotrans Automatic ink fill up system with calcu-ink unit

-       Sulzer  thermoregulation unit for chill rollers and inking rollers in the printing units

-       Blanket washer Oxy Dry BW RO with brushes

-       Technotrans FAZ-C25000 unit for dampening water

-       Becker blowing pumps for folder superstructure

-       Pecom station for job loading and settings optimization

-       N.2 quality control console

-       MRA Plate scanner

-       MRA plate bender

-       MRA plate punching unit

-       Graficontrol Densiweb for online color density reading and automatic ink adjustment, including CIP3 interface with pre-press room

-       Sound proof box

Valve blocks in the printing units have been revamped with the updated model by ManRoland Web System in 2017

Müller Martini post press

-       Müller Martini Topveyer transport line, composed by two section with intermediate delivery to Müller Martini Avanti

-       Müller Martini palletizer 

-       Müller Martini transport belts with waste gate

-       Müller Martini Exacto trimming line with 90° bump turn unit between 1st and 2nd trimming unit

-       Müller Martini Forte stacker (year 2006)

Everything is fully working and can be seen in production.

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Rotoman N

Rotoman N


Year 1997  Cut off 630 mm Max. web width 965 mm. Max. speed 60.000 c/h (50.000 c/h with chopper in u....