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Wednesday 6th Dec 2023

FERAG - ETR-C Inserting drum

CGL Ref. 2961

In beautiful clean condition. Compact and fully functional. Including Hopper feeders, gripper conveyor and other ancillary items of equipment. Immediately available for removal. Attractively priced.
Itemised listing of what is available:

Pick Up Station TTR 85.ST .AU1
Date 1994

Date 1994 30 pocket

H.P. Transfer
Date: 1994

E.P.S. Transfer
Date 1994

Date 1994

TTR-C Station (VSS)
Date 1994

Hopper RA-VP 1:1 (2 speeds)
Date 1994

Hopper Ra-VP 1:2 Two Speed VP type
Date 1995

MKA 90 degree STB Type Bend.
Date 1988
Machine No: 008.3016
Condition: Good

PSS-4-1 (From ABLS`)
Date 1994

STB from PSS, 11 Accumulator with built in diverter table. Feeds 2 x Poly Machines. Type QF-BI Ferag
Date: 2000

SITMA Poly Wrap Machine
Model C-960
Matricoca 271
Date 1999

Muller Martini Poly Wrap Machine
Type FW44-202

QF-BI Diverter Table, Ferag with control cab
Date 2000

STB-BI to Muller Poly Wrap
Date 2000

4 x STB Accumulator (station) from ABLS to PSS Ferag
Date 1994

4 x ABL Stacker Ferag, Ablagen 800 (2ER)
Date 1994

SITMA Poly Wrap Stand Alone Machine and Infeed Table
Model: 740L
Date 1999

Strapper, Strapex Stand Alone manual feed.
Art No: 356.110001
Machine No: 00621

METAVERPA Turning Table
Type TS-24
Date 1994

Chain and Grippers Approx
TTR Approx 160 Mtrs
VP Approx 54 Mtrs
EP Approx 30 Mtrs
HP Approx 54 Mtrs

Large Qty of Spares in boxes.
Box of Cards and box of Manuals

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