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Double Width for Sale

Tuesday 26th Sep 2023


CGL Ref. 4340

578mm - 22 3/4" cutoff size. Year 2011-2012.

Double width double plate rated at 90,000 cph!

two lines of KBA Commander CT presses (CT stands for the lower profile towers) – one line with 12 x 4-high towers and 2 x folder,  the second line is with 10 x 4-high towers and 2 x folder. Dryers were planned but never purchased or installed. Largest tabloid format will be 289 mm x 365 mm; followed by 289 mm x 362.5 mm; then 289 mm x 360 mm and so on, reducing in 2.5 mm steps all the way down to smallest format size of 289 mm x 310 mm

These presses are extremely well specified and in stunning condition; for complete information, please contact Cross Graphics!

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