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Wednesday 26th Feb 2020


CGL Ref. 4234

Goss Community SSC Pressline 22 3/4" - 578mm cut-off size.

All equipment has been very well maintained.

The press is operated four days per week, producing approximately 70,000 copies and is in excellent working condition.

Printing equipment:
2 x 4-hi towers (16 tabloid pages colour)
1 x UOP unit (8 tabloid pages – 4 colour, 4 mono)
1 x N40 folder, new 2009.
2 x freestanding Reel Stands

2 x 4Hi towers – installed new 2003 and 2006 
•Equipped with Robertson disc brake
•Pneumatic throw on/off controls for Impression, Ink and Dampening systems
•Motorised remote control system for the Circumferential and Lateral Registers on the 4Hi Tower
•Remote control of Ink Fountain roller speed
•Solid Stainless Steel Plate and Blanket Cylinders for improved corrosion resistance
•Slot gap plate cylinder with centre register pin
•Blanket cylinders with T-bar lock-up
•Ink/Water drip pans
•Ink fountain wash-up devices
Units have lever key inking and sock dampening. 

Goss N40 half and quarter-page folder: Capable of folding up to 12 webs (96 pages tabloid or 48 pages broadsheet) with widths between 584 mm and 889 mm. Installed new in November 2008, the folder is furnished with the following: Quarter page cycloidal folding device for maximum of 6 webs, with rotary brush, tape deliver and cage guide show for positive product control. Quarter Fold speed maximum 30, 000cph. In-line running perforator for quarter-fold backbone•Perforator blade, for mounting in lieu of the tabloid slitter blade. Quarterfold delivers – closed head spine to the RTF side.70 degree angle, chromed former board with large diameter RTF, drilled and piped for low pressure air. Remote control on pneumatic, ¾” wide nip trolleys.
•Tabloid slitter located on former board near nose
•Double set of 4-1/8” diameter nip rollers
•Helical drive gears – oil bath lubrication
•Jaw cylinder with torsion road actuation
•25.4m (1”) wide cutting rubber to allow for lap changes without relocation
•Speed indicating tachometer calibrated in products per hour and electric good and gross copy counters at the press control console
•Non running manual tabloid lap adjustment, the range of adjustment is even – 12.7 mm (0.500”), pin-side-long or pin-side short
•Jam detection is incorporated into lower folder assembly
•Web severer – deflects the webs away from the lower folder if a jam is detected in the lower folder
•Motorised variable speed delivery for conveyor
•Set of area style safety guards, interlocked to the press drive
•Fly deliver for spin leading half folds, 80 mm shingle copy spacing
•Single drive motor position, back of folder
•Double under folder web lead

1 x Muller Martini CS-70 Print Stack
1 x Muller Martini Alphaliner
Pre-press equipment:  
2 x ECRM NewsMatic with CT Server
2 x Agfa LP82 Ultra Silver plate processor
2 x IMAP SLP/85 Automatic plate stacker
2 x IMAF STK/85 Automatic plate stacker

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Goss Community SSC Pressline 22 3/4" - 578mm cut-off size.All equipment has been very well maintained.The....