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Friday 17th Aug 2018


CGL Ref. 4088

New 1979 - Rebuilt Inhouse 1991-92


12- Urbanite new press units arranged as Six (6) two (2) highs,

  •   Side register on each of the plate cylinders. Circumferential register mechanism for #10 and#l3 plate. Variable speed motors for the dampener system. Oil bath lubrication system. Covered ink dampening rollers, and blankets. "T" bar blanket lockup.  Drop-down ink fountains.  Motorized ink fountain rollers. Central locator pins. Lever style ink fountains. Spring loaded tension plate lockup system. Automatic impressions throw off arrangements. Full page compensators. SIX (6) 2-high stacking parts. Lights for stacked units (6 arch lights total). Push button stations (two on each unit. Anti-offset tape. Unit safety guards. 1 – Goss Imprinter Unit -  For adding special text to a printed web. Believed to be one of a kind


2 - Urbanite half page folders, 22-3/4" cut off, complete with:

  •   Collect cylinder. Five figure mechanical counter. Five figure electric counter. Tachometer calibrated in papers per hour. Tabloid skip slitter, for alternating tabloid/broadsheet products. Chrome former boards, drilled for air. Running pin adjustments. Kicker mechanism to jog every 25* or 50th paper. Web with range (quarter and half folded) between 21" and 35". Operating side delivery extension. Safety folder guards. One Urbanite Quarter page folder. Under-folder leads. Pneumatic trolleys on all formers. Drives and Clutching Complete press drive replacement 3 150HP AC Motors (2010 ) Fincore spec series 3000 DC-SRC controller recently changed to GES Control Systems Floor mounted controller.  Blower motors and filters. Sequential start-up device. Capability of operating a 12 unit press at a speed of 50,000 p.p.h. (non-collect). Signal light. Warning bell with a safety time delay. One (1) clutches between units.

    Pasters and Substructure

Nine (9) Goss Two (2) Arm RTPs, substructures mounted beneath press.

Additional Equipment

1 - Drive selector switch and clutch for splitting 2 presses at folders. 12 - Motorized linear compensators with switches at consoles.
1 - Manual plate bender.
1 - Consoles, one (1) at each Folder.

2 - 5 HP Blower Motors for former board. 

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