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Saturday 25th May 2019


CGL Ref. 4183


Cut Off: 560 mm - 22";  Speed 36,000 cph. Configuration: RS + RS + 4 Hi + 4 Hi + URS + Mono Unit + Stack + URS + Mono Unit + Stack + Pneumatic Clutch + S/F + Pneumatic Clutch + 4 Hi + 4 Hi + RS + RS + 2 x 200 HP Drive System + Brushmist Dampening System + Pneumatic On/Off + Pneumatic Disc. Brake +  Ultra Sonic Web Brake Detectors + Compressor with Air Drier + Motorised RCR and Side Register + Plate Punch and Bender System + Anti Paper Jamming Facility + Reverse Inching Facility + Chiller

Four Nos. of RONALD 4 Hi Towers with following:

Four RCRs for each 4 Hi Tower

Variable Speed Motorized Brushmist Dampening system, 

Plate and blanket cylinders are dynamically balanced.

Plate cylinders with slit type lockup system for easy mounting of plates

Register pins in plate cylinders

Blanket cylinders have standard “T” bar lock-up system.

Standard accessories and connecting parts                                   

Automatic oiling system on drive side of the machine

Bustle Wheel (3 Set) 6 nos. for each 4 Hi Tower

One No. RONALD Half Page Super Folder Heavy Duty (2:2:2) suitable for 8 webs for broadsheet (A2) and Tabloid (A3), with a speed of 36,000 CPH max, with PIV for web control & Bucket Delivery System RTF roller, cutting cylinder, jaw cylinder, electronic copy counter, double nipping slitter or perforator on RTF, adjustable kicker for 9-99 copies (Hereinafter will be referred as the “Machine”). All Cylinders are dynamically balanced.

Specifications of the Machine:

Two Nos. of Pneumatic Clutches

One Set of 2 x 200 HP Drive system with control panel

Four Nos. of Reel Stands

Two Nos. of Unit Reel Stands

Two Nos. of Mono Unit + Stack having inbuilt Reel Stands

Brushmist Dampening System – 40 No.

Pneumatic on/off System – 20 No.

Pneumatic Disc Brake  – 08 Nos.

Ultra Sonic Web Brake Detectors – 05 Nos.

Compressor with Air Drier – 01 No.

Motorised RCR and Side Register for complete machine with facility to control from control desk by operating switches


One Set Plate Punch and Bending System

Reverse Inching Facility

Anti Paper Jamming Facility

One No. of Chiller with the following:          

Two Nos. of Central Console for operator’s use

Set of mechanical/electrical spares



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  Cut Off: 560 mm - 22";  Speed 36,000 cph. Configuration: RS + RS + 4 Hi + 4 Hi + URS + M....