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New Finishing Solutions For Mailroom and Pressroom Applications


Cross Graphics is proud of offer some excellent equipment manufactured by Lovaghy Enterprise Inc.

Lovaghy, has produced a series of customized mobile folders that give you the flexibility to fold copies Inline in the Pressroom, Mailroom or Offline with the finishing solutions you need fast. Fold a wide variety of retail inserts, financial documents, direct-mail, digest copies, magazines, tabloids and newspapers at remarkable speeds. Here is a brief list of some of the money making solutions Lovaghy provide which in many cases cannot be done with a conventional folder.

Run a stream of nested shingles from the delivery to separate and fold Inline producing two or three lines of products

  • Run A3 size products to fold along a freshly glued line and trim three sides In-line to produce accurately folded A4 size booklets;
  • Bump-turn to fold products parallel with the height of the product and trim inline to produce multiple single copies with absolutely no wrinkling guaranteed;
  • Run retail inserts with wraps and place the fold where you want it inline or offline;
  • Run newspapers with the header on the bottom side;
  • Run products through our folder twice to produce an A5 Fold from and A3 Product.

List of Models Available

  • Model HQF 20 Smart Folder: Allows you to fold a wide assortment of products in- line with the press, mailroom or offline.
  • Model HQF OFF-LINE Smart Folder: Allows you to run a wide assortment of products offline at speeds up to 50K per hour. Excellent for short or long runs.
  • Model HQF 21 Newspaper Smart Folder: Allows you to run up to 96-page newspaper products with the header on the bottom side in-line with a mailroom delivery system or offline.

Main Proven Advantages over conventional quarter folders:

Faster Startup: The HQF-20 Smart Folder has proven to reduce the amount of time needed to make setups when compared with conventional quarter folders. Excellent for small runs.

Flexibility in the Pressroom: Having a mobile folder in the pressroom gives your pressmen added flexibility. The HQF-20 can be quickly rolled in-line with any other web press or offline whenever needed.

Fold Opposite Side: This flexibility allows you to create other products for your customer.

Double or Triple your Production: The HQF-20 increases the efficiency of your printing system by enabling you to run with separators/deserters in-line with your high-speed web press. This allows you to double or even triple your production of folding copies. Each HQF- 20 is mechanically geared to run 72,000 copies per hour at 60HZ with a 3-inch/76mm shingle with a 21 inch cut-off, however the operating speed for optimum production will vary with paper grammage (GSM), size of product, increased pagination, press-man-ship and consistency of the delivery of three-inch/76mm shingles. Depending on your quantity of work the increased efficiency can allow you to:

  1. Return your investment within the first six months of operation with a quantity of

    500,000 folds per week;

  2. Lower your cost per folded copy;
  3. Reduce delivery time;
  4. Allow you to bid on printing jobs previously considered unprofitable;

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Cross Graphics.

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